American apocrypha essays on the book of mormon

I think his perspective on the Book of Mormon is a great place for him and I to find middle ground, namely: Of course the Book of Mormon was made up by Joseph Smith, but does that make it any less great?!

Dealing with the authorship of the Book of Mormon, Robert M. The nature of this volume—in particular its claim to antiquity—is the theme of nine ground-breaking essays in American Apocrypha. At the same time, much of the Bible was written centures after the events it narrates by scribes using fictitious names.

Zeebra Books This collection of nine critical essays on the Book of Mormon generally evinces strong scholarship and compelling argumentation, though some of the articles are clearly superior to others.

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Shelves: own-currentlyspiritual I heard about this book by listening to an Ex Mo Conference presentation podcast given by one of the editors, Brent Metcalfe. Anthropologist Thomas W. That's what lots of people did, even in the Old Testament.

Consider the Book of Mormon, first published in

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