An analysis of feminist backlash the unconscious

Rosenkrantz : Sex-role stereotypes: A current appraisal.

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For as Merleau-Ponty points out, everything is both manufactured and natural in man, as it were, in the sense that there is not a word, not a form of behaviour which does not owe something to purely biological being—and which at the same time does not elude the simplicity of animal life.

Suleiman, Susan Rubin ed.

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Greenwald : Exposure to admired members of stigmatized groups reduces automatic negativity. Google Scholar McClelland, D. Offering to walk her, the men accompanied her past busy terraces before turning into quieter and increasingly deserted streets. There are two key features of such accounts.

Translated as Discipline and Punish, Alan Sheridan trans. Over the next 20 minutes, the five men would take turns repeatedly penetrating her orally, vaginally and anally. It is not a question of the Black being black anymore, but rather of his being Black opposite the White…we came to have to confront the white gaze ….

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Feminist Perspectives on the Body (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)