An analysis of the frontiers impacts on the american politics

There was little in pioneer life to attract the timid, the cultivated, or the aesthetically sensitive.

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Meanwhile, cities teemed with poor immigrants crowded into squalid tenements and sweatshops working long hours at low wages. In the late nineteenth century, Frederick Jackson Turner, the founding father of Western history, attributed the unique American character to the experience of the frontier.

This in itself is a reflection of the two primary characteristics of the new frontier. The American frontier has had four successive stages, each of which has generated sets of political, social and economic challenges, problems and opportunities.

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Worster, Donald, Under Western Skies. Moreover, the use of intelligence as a prime means of access to the frontier is not confined to the realms of science and technology.

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The other was the common social and economic level and the absence, characteristic of all primitive communities, of any prior leadership structure. In there were MSA's, inand as of As the new generation began, the third stage of the American frontier no longer seemed to be compelling.

Aristotle's ancient warnings about the ill-effects of wealth getting were fully evident by the turn of the 20th century.

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The Role of the West in the Construction of American Identity: From Frontier to Crossroads