An introduction to the importance of solidarity

However, social capital is not identical with solidarity, because social capital refers to those resources or ingredients that need to be mobilized into acts of solidarity.

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It is a society that fights conditions that constitute a justification for its dependents to consider themselves humiliated [ 14 ]. Additionally, cognitive and ideational factor also play a role.

This is not to say that justice should be discarded in the arrangement of health care policies and practices in favor of solidarity; solidarity does not attempt to offer an alternative for distributive justice.

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In fact, this can lead to a legitimation crisis in which citizens are asked to make increasing sacrifices in the name of justice, while they have less in common with those for whom they are making sacrifices.

Conclusion The concept of solidarity tries to capture the commitment to the well-being of the other by emphasizing the importance of recognition of identities and the promotion of dignity in the context of personal relationships. Moreover, the range of individual differences and of their expression in different identities is restricted by the effort to maintain the unity of the group.

A moral understanding cannot be based on sociological theory as that would be a naturalistic fallacy, which is an important problem, for example, in empirical bioethics. In this case, resolution of the rights claim facilitated the expression and building of social solidarity in ways that the jumping CHC queues did not.

Durkheim introduced the terms mechanical and organic solidarity [7] as part of his theory of the development of societies in The Division of Labour in Society

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Importance Of Solidarity Essay Examples