Antebellum period slavery essay

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Between this time 27, slaving voyages had been completed carrying a total of 11, Africans During this period, black churches were community centers.

This essay will focus on five of the major social reform movements of that era discussing their accomplishments, failures and impacts on America as a whole. Before the infamous trial of Tom Robinson, Jem explains to Scout what a mixed child is. To compete, they began investing in railroads to reach the interior of the country, starting a railroad boom in the s that would last until the Civil War and begin anew following the war.

Others formed maroon communities in mountains, forests or swamps.

What new challenges and opportunities emerged with the growth of immigration in antebellum america

Existing until the latter half of the nineteenth century, this social order completely obstructed the rights of the African American population; essentially, they had no rights. Every part of American industry and production was affected. Black children might also become attached to white caretakers, such as the mistress, and white children to their black nannies. In fact, such situations were rare. Hoe made a further improvement with the rotary printing press, which arranged the material to be printed on a cylinder rather than a flat plate, allowing a much larger volumes of material to be printed—millions of copies in a day rather than thousands—at a lower cost. The Court also ruled that Congress did not have the power to ban slavery and in the U. Teachings of the Second Great Awakening endorsed a strong work ethic, frugality and temperance within the expanding middle class. This is an interesting disagreement, because it implies a disagreement regarding which of the two sides was actually fighting for freedom. One of the bloodiest rebellions in U. They were constantly under the scrutiny of their masters and mistresses, and could be called on for service at any time. They also believed that African Americans had degraded white southerners and would also corrupt white northerners if permitted.

Western expansion soon took a major leap forward with the California Gold Rush, as thousands from the eastern states, as well as from foreign nations, headed for the territories of California and Nevada, hoping to strike it rich.

The Pre-Civil War Rise of Abolitionist Movement Although the arguments raised by the Missouri Compromise had died down in the s, several events in the late s and early s, including the Turner Rebellion and Nullification Crisis, revived the debate and gave rise to the Abolition Movement.

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Slavery Argument During The Antebellum Period