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Generally, this is 6 out of 7 total. Escape religious persecution 2. Preached all over the colonies. Africans i. Read the questions before you read the passage. Pin Studying from quality materials makes a big difference when test time rolls around. Focus on the areas that count.

Economic survival to influx of influence of the arts. Southern Colonies i. Formal ed given to males ii.

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Men II. All colonies were tolerant, but with varying degree. Every time period includes an introductory video, timeline, documents relevant to that time period and essays.

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Majority were a part of Protestant denomination b. The resulting taxation of the colonists led to resentment and tension with England.

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Increase use of slaves. Also called Church of England 2. In addition to chapter notes, Khan Academy also offers online practice tests for each major topic and chapter. Related Interests. Advancements in the Arts and Sciences i. Read all of the answers and see which one gives the best result. Light restricted to kitchen table 5. The right answer to the question read incorrectly may be one of the options. You also have to explain and show how each of them is connected so you can push your viewpoint forward. Dominance of English culture 1. Newspapers 1. George Whitefield 1.

Elected representatives to colonial assemblies 3.

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