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You gave it life and with that comes a sense of responsibility, protectiveness and sleepless nights! Please note: proofreading can only be carried out once an edit, either by Publicious or your own editor, has been completed. What is Copy Editing?

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At editors4you, our structural editing, also known as substantive editing, incorporates a copy edit see above. I have nothing but praise for you and your work. The quality of writing is a significant factor in the popularity of any book. Why would you consider doing such a thing with your book?

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Ask editors4you. Digital publishing in theory and practice. Please complete this form and we will be in touch shortly. Most of the people who have read it have commented on the continuation and flow of the Our quotations are tailored to your work. We edit Microsoft Word documents using the Track Changes tool. Even great and previously published authors need to have their work professionally edited. Your ideas and words will not be disclosed to anyone without your express permission.

Their job is to get words down first and foremost. If you have written a children's story aimed at year olds, it is essential that your editor is qualified and experienced in editing this genre.

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Email us a sample of your writing, around 2, words, and we will do a sample edit for a small fee. Our quotations are tailored to your work.

If you are a self-published author; it is important to remember that YOU are the publisher, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your book is as good as it can be and worth the money you are expecting to sell it for.

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To receive a quote or to discuss your project, she recommends that you get in contact with her via email. She offers a full publishing package which includes two rounds of line editing, and one to two rounds of proofreading. You retain the copyright to your work. She loves to work on young adult and adult fiction, as well as nonfiction memoirs, cooking parenting, lifestyle, and Australian history. Send us a smaller sample and we will give you an accurate, all-inclusive quotation. Quality editing by professional editors The Expert Editor is a popular professional editing option for authors in Australia and overseas because we provide a high-quality service at affordable prices. We can match the right editor to your book. Combined Copy Edit and Proofread Package recommended Includes everything that is listed in the two categories above but offered at a discount price to our authors. Having your manuscript assessed or edited requires the skill and experience of a professional editor. No matter how inspiring or original the content, if the language is not fluent, consistent, and mistake-free, the book will fail to have the impact it should. The books you see in the bookstores are, in some cases, vastly different from the manuscripts submitted to editors by even the most accomplished authors. We do not do widget or automatic pricing. The following prices are supplied as a guide only and would only apply for those works that need a minimum amount of work. Get a quote here The guidelines for submitting a manuscript ms for editing are as follows: ms should be typed on A4 US letter Word document or similar Double spaced, single-sided. In years past, it was common practice for a manuscript to go through at least six or seven passes.

Combined Copy Edit and Proofread Package recommended Includes everything that is listed in the two categories above but offered at a discount price to our authors. Often these errors are hidden in plain sight.

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