Comparing the similarities and differences between the stories in what men live by and kholstomer by

In the son, Tolstoy is condemning his own generation in favor of an older one for which he had a familiar nostalgic hankering. Occasionally, a village would boast of a priest or an ex-soldier who taught a few children at so much per head. While going on his collection he only manages to receive twenty kopeks rather than the full amount.

The strongest and most intelligent will always make use of the weaker and more stupid Twenty years later another young hussar officer, the son of Count Fyodor Turbin, who has been killed in a duel, arrives with his troops in the same provincial town.

Though 'Childhood' is in the tradition of classical Russian realism begun by Pushkin, one can detect curious traces of foreign influences in the work.

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In any event, the moral truth brought out in the contrast between harmony with creation in the death of the old peasant and the tree and disharmony in the death of the querulous invalid lady is altogether too pat and artistically unadorned to carry conviction.

After hearing the story from the stranger of how Simon had kindly robed the stranger after seeing him in his naked state, Matryona grabs more of Simon's old clothing and gives it to the stranger. Therefore, I await your answer with impatience.

Although Tolstoy allowed himself to become deeply committed to Valerya, in the end, unlike Sergei Mikhailych in the story, he shrank from marriage with her because he lost faith in it as an ideal of happiness.

Turgenev did not hesitate to pronounce it "the best story that has been written in our language. But he concluded his letter on a more cheerful note, accepting Nekrasov's generous financial offer for future works, and promising to send him another story when he had it ready.

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