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The schism created by this controversy continues to resonate in the recent scholarship on the subject, although it appears that the value-neutral approach has attained more widespread acceptance than the approach that broadly identifies such groups as potentially dangerous cults.

These protector alters often have no morals.

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Provide an overarching assessment of the significance of the relationship between new religious movements, religious subcultures, and religious cults will be presented. Be sure to integrate your findings, provide support for your position. The author talks about how cult leaders often target people by offering them a "Free of Charge get together at a retreat," for lonely people this may sound appealing, because they are longing for some kind of connection with the outside world. Survivor advocates who attempt to move the movement forward through public education and educating others about programming techniques are removed from groups or attempts are made to disable the groups they work in. The Jews, rather than being targeted by cults, were themselves a cult When it first was founded in there were only six members. These were some of the vast changes experienced during this period and mainly occurred due to the increase of the Greek population, the sharp rise in population at the start of the Archaic period brought with it the settlement of new towns and the expansion of the older population centers and trade, which led to colonization and an age of new intell

While this maybe true, cults have been popularly perceived as Separatists who are consumed by the belief of apocalyptic events, and the leader is someone who believes he or she is chosen by God or some other deity to lead those who are to follow him or her In an environment that became increasingly tolerant of religious experimentation, unorthodoxy, and nonconformity, alternative religions underwent a veritable explosion in the United States.

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Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, the activities and prevalence of so-called religious cults were minimal, and social scientists were able to closely observe the dynamics and structures of several such groups.

Their public events may be heavily infiltrated by cult members. The cult leader may reach out to the person by offering them friendship and companionship.

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I will specifically highlight the behavior of Jim Jones and his followers and explain what factors that caused them to believe wholeheartedly in the doctrine of Jim Jones.

The cult leader often tries to convince the followers that they have some kind of special gift, talent, or knowledge

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