Disadvantages of nuclear bomb

We often forget about the fire-bombing campaigns that happened first. It reinforces national borders.

disadvantages of weapons of mass destruction

Countries with nuclear weapons are treated different on the global stage than countries without those weapons. There was another atomic bomb planned to be ready for use on August 19 if the Japanese had decided not to surrender.

effects of nuclear weapons

It changes the power and status of a nation. The final disadvantage is the plant's concentrated level of capital.

Good things about nuclear weapons

Acute effects from the bombs may have contributed to the deaths of over , additional people in the following decades. United States and Russia already agreed to decrease the number of nuclear weapons deployed to set an example for other nations. Nuclear weapons do not require a battlefield presence in the same way a conventional weapon may require. In fact, nuclear weapons are considered low-cost insurance against possible aggression, particularly from large power. When history books from the Allied perspective tell the story of what happened, these lives are often not spoken about whatsoever. It is the potential answer to that questions which should cause everyone to pause and consider the continued need for these weapons. North Korea is not considered as one of the richest countries in the world and they continue to threaten with nuclear weapons.

Submarine-based nuclear weapons are expected to remain in service until Over a wide area the resulting heat flash literally vaporises all human tissue. Radiated soil, weapon debris, and radioactive particles falling from the sky are all threats that must be taken seriously, which means a nation with nuclear weapons provides a great threat to a potential invader.

economic benefits of nuclear weapons
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