Distinguish between assertive and submissive communication

An assertive person tends to make a unhindered and normal eye contact with the other people. It will produce better results when managing a difficult person, and it can be learnt. There are people who have to argue out every case that comes across them without thinking over what they are saying.

Like other assertive stances described here, it's actually a lot harder than it sounds, especially under stress. Author is a freelance copywriter.

Respecting the opinions of others A submissive person doesn't respect the opinions of others - they acquire them as their own.

how to be assertive at work

Personal Development Respect the other viewpoint or behavior and respect your own says Marsha Egan There is a lot of confusion about being assertive vs being aggressive. Experts agree that assertiveness creates stronger human bonds and improves chances of personal and career success due to free flow of fresh ideas between two people.

In other words, you not only respect the other viewpoint or behavior, but you respect your own. Aggressive behavior is often seen to be expressed through sudden anger bursts, mood swings, verbal threats, tantrums or through usage of social manipulation.

They will neither get influenced by others view unless these views are actually more rational, nor will they try to influence others into changing their minds.

Assertive persons are also keen listeners to other people's point of view. And if you are truly respectful in the way you assert yourself, the hurt may be minimized. It makes it clear to the other person what you are unhappy about and allows you to calmly state your case without violating their rights.

These are in-built programmes to help you survive and deal with different situations.

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Assertiveness: Assertive Versus Unassertive and Aggressive Behavior