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Will they be missing out on many life skills that are learned while attending schools with peers their own age. Every year there are more and more schools requiring that their students wear a uniform instead of regular clothing. There can be clothing worn that is too small or too tight on the …show more content… With a dress code students can still express themselves and wear different types of clothing then their peers, students just have to choose to follow the guidelines that have been set before them in the handbook.

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A uniform dress code would curve discipline problems and distractions while improving overall student behavior. The reason behind a uniform dress code may not be hard to understand but it is for the best.

Of course, everyone has an opinion about what clothing is up to par in society; however, according to the school system, middle school and high school girls are all, how the students put it, whorish.

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The effect on job performance has not been made aware of whether casual dress has any effect at all. So as you listen to the this speech think about what that means and how dress code takes meaning and life out of clothes.

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The Benefits of a Student Dress Code Essay