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The Privatization of Risk How far has the privatization of risk progressed, why has it taken the direction that it has, and what does it mean for the economic security of American families in the early twenty-first century?

Aristocratic, witty, outrageous, and genuinely well-learned, Vidal at first appears to be a gift from the British, most obviously in the fact that, unlike most Americans, he does not badly suffer when compared to his British peers.

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Who, in the future, will be able to remember the day when any consideration besides the mammalian existed at all? So overall I would give the book 4. Admirably for a scribbler, Vidal does not waste his time with trifles. To be such a man, Vidal would have had to transcend hedonism, the most tempting of all Americanisms which he otherwise tried so assiduously to hover above. This is an immortal fact, along with the one that our sexual ethics extend into our political ethics. The last section on the State of Being was also good. The good news is that this list only covers February through April, meaning you can expect to find even more essay collections to devour in after you breeze through the ones below. Description: Dr. Oliver Sacks, scientist and storyteller, is beloved by readers for his neurological case histories and his fascination and familiarity with human behavior at its most unexpected and unfamiliar. Reading Racial Conflict Racial conflict and mobilizations around demands for racial justice have increasingly commanded public and scholarly attention in the United States and elsewhere. This requires another question: Did Vidal ever think of his sexual politics as truly transgressive? It took many years for her to realize what she was actually trying to write about: the fracture this caused in her relationship with her mother. Julius' desire for sexual conquest extended into a desire for land and power; the sad0-masochism of Nero and Caligula extended to the torture of their subjects; the temperance of the Antonines was the basis of their just reigns. It must also be said that Vidal would have been anathema to North and South in any other period of American history; he would have been anathema to the NYRB set if not for his homosexualism, but the acceptance of sodomy is as crucial a criterion in accepting a man today as it would have been justification for expulsion in the past.

From schizophrenia to immigration to the secrets we keep from our moms, the engaging topics in these seven books make for fascinating reading. For this reason America can produce professors unable to muster the barest wit or literary merit; America can produce emotive, erratic, and overall shallow scribblers like Dorothy Parker.

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An essay collection of undeniable power, The Collected Schizophrenias dispels misconceptions and provides insight into a condition long misunderstood. Tennessee Williams 6. Who can resist placing a kiss on his sepulchre?

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Just Environments As a global public increasingly scrutinizes and questions our shared environmental challenges, Items revisits the question of human impacts on the environment and the environmental impacts on humanity.

Change In Cuba When Fidel Castro announced that he would not continue as President of Cuba some saw the end of an era and others said little had changed. Jesus Christ knew that a man who commits a sin is a slave to that sin; pagan Horace knew the same.

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