Essay on good housekeeping for healthy environment

The close ended questions suggested a set of alternative answers from which the respondents were asked to choose the one that most closely symbolizes their view.

Failure to identify these hazards and understanding their implications on the personal lives of all staff in the factory will be consequential. Aisles are unobstructed and minimum egress is maintained.

Workplace housekeeping checklist

It is important to recognize, however, that creating wealth and protecting the environment coexist. It is easy to see why this is so. This may include the CHO, the chair or manager of the department, line supervisors, and directors. Finally, regulatory agencies may conduct announced or unannounced inspections on a routine or sporadic basis. Cleaning reduces adverse exposure levels and risks by removing problem substances from the environment, thereby reducing or eliminating exposure and effect. Time limitation- In a research work like this, time is essential. A high-quality peer-level inspection program reduces the need for frequent inspections by supervisory personnel. Walk around the facility, and use a floor plan to note problem areas as well as what fluids are stored or used in each of the areas. In the past, organizations tended to get rid of troubled employees. Solving the Environmental Problems Responsible consumption and conservation are ways to solve environmental problems. In the event that the spill material has been released to the environment, notify EHS personnel immediately. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, poor housekeeping can present hidden hazards that may cause incidents, including tripping on loose objects in walkways, being hit by falling objects, and slipping on wet or dirty surfaces. S for example had to litigate to acquire compensation which in most cases was not successful and the cost of doing so even prevented employees from going to court. We need to better understand the influence natural and manmade environments have on our health. Do not use damaged tools.

Peer inspections depend heavily on the knowledge and commitment of the people who conduct them. In the U. It is advisable to have a representative from facilities engineering present during inspections so physical deficiencies can be appropriately and clearly noted and understood and priorities set for correction.

Approach these goals with a degree of flexibility.

what is good housekeeping

Pathways to fire extinguishers, eyewash units, fire blankets, first-aid kits, and safety showers are clear. Its natural resources and energy also serve as a unique means of capital, allowing us to run our businesses and the economy. Bottles of liquids should be separated to avoid breakage and spills.

Some states and local agencies require firms to comply with safety and health regulations. Five basic methods can be employed to limit pollution to a desirable and safe level: source management, which includes source removal or modification; activity management; design intervention; dilution; and cleaning that includes housekeeping, maintenance and restoration.

Technically that is true, but there is a behavior costing model that may provide a useful start.

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Practice good housekeeping in the workplace