Explain why the economic effects of hazards vary spatially essay

impact of natural disasters on economy

Such an effort should result in a product that will inform decision makers in the near future. Landforms are sensitive to climatic change because the operating rates of the processes that mold landforms vary dramatically with climate.

For materials of similar strength, natural sediment production reaches a maximum at about 33 cm of rainfall per year. Human activities are concentrated in the areas that are less than 1 km above sea level.

Wind and water accomplish erosion by forcibly loosening, removing, and transporting solid material.

impact of natural disasters on health and environment

Geographers study the "vertical" integration of characteristics that define place as well as the "horizontal'' connections between places. Helen's eruption and the Loma Prieta earthquake.

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Each terrace was once a wave-cut bench below a sea cliff, indicating a brief pause for a steadily rising coastline. The existing land use patterns and reliance on private automobile transportation not only contribute to traffic volume and injury fatalities, but probably also contribute to physical inactivity, air pollution, and carbon emissions. Such an effort should result in a product that will inform decision makers in the near future. This is an area about the size of the state of Montana. Moore and C. Geographers have contributed to at least three major global inventories of human impacts on the environment Thomas, ; Turner et al. Living in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods as a proxy for a range of environmental exposures has been linked to higher rates of injury in both adults and children Cubbin et al. To further mitigate these hardships, it is essential that a better fundamental understanding of each hazard-causing geological phenomenon be gained and widely disseminated. After R. As the past several decades of research have demonstrated, disasters particularly affect the poorest and most marginalised people, whilst also exacerbating vulnerabilities and social inequalities and harming economic growth Mitchell et al. Geomorphologists also account for climatic forcing and vegetation dynamics on erosional and depositional process. It is important to emphasize that often efficient preventive management may require cross-border cooperation e. The table highlights a number of conspicuous examples of environmental aspects causes of impacts connected to engineering mega-projects which are likely to cause large-scale population movements, among many other significant negative environmental impacts with a wide variety of consequences. Triggering Agents, Vulnerabilities and Disaster Reduction: towards a holistic paradigm. More recent work has attempted to identify the specific environmental factors that may be important to specific health outcomes, as well as the pathways through which these factors may operate.

Below that amount, less runoff causes less removal of material; above that amount, increased vegetation protects the soil so the amount of erosion and sediment production decreases.

Projects that undermine slopes in marginal equilibrium or destabilize susceptible areas by quick drawdown of reservoirs can be avoided. It is clear that establishment of context is of paramount importance in evaluating the degree of severity of impacts, in that these are more pronounced and socially visible when dealing with urban and populous regions where a considerable amount of infrastructure is built in risk zones, drastically affecting socio-economic aspects.

Interdependencies Among Scales Geographers recognize that the scale of observation also matters for understanding geographic processes and phenomena at a place. Some earth systems operating at the boundaries of the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere are very fragile, and every human effort toward survival or improvement of the human condition necessarily results in repercussions on those systems.

Accurate perceptions of available mitigation strategies is an important aspect Page 34 Share Cite Suggested Citation:"3 Geography's Perspectives.

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