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The course will take the perspective of the preparers of these financial statements, the users and the auditors, but will also address the political aspects and managerial aspects of financial reporting. As such, we focus on some of the key elements of corporate finance applied to the operations and decision-making within a treasury department.

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As special topics in business analysis and valuation, we look at the analysis of creditworthiness and cost of capital components. Taught by Stefan van Kampen. Ample attention is paid to the fit with the organizational context, such as the strategy, structure and environmental uncertainties. How do analysts safeguard against bias during interpretation of the EPS- the case of the Chinese textile industry. After you approve a topic, you will get topic brief of at least word which includes; An explanation why we choose this topic. Thesis award means for you? Thankfully, Utrecht University had the Master's programme Financial Management, which was exactly what I was looking for. The main focus is on the type of measures financial and non-financial , target setting, and the link to rewards. CPAs are the equivalent to Dutch register accountants. Register your interest Career Your Financial Management specialisation prepares you for a variety of roles in the fields of banking and finance - including work with investments, business valuation, financial analysis and more.

Accrual basis of accounting A comparative analysis of the cash and accrual basis of accounting in terms of practical implementation in the oil and gas sector.

Caspar David Peter.

Financial management master thesis example

Exemptions In some circumstances the June 28 deadline may be extended. Yet choosing the research topics in […] Financial management is usually considered a challenging topic by the novice and financial management dissertation topics can often overwhelm. Classes cover the principles underlying planning and control decisions in functional and divisional organizations, as well the design and consequences of responsibility accounting and performance measurement systems under various market conditions. Number of meetings You will usually first meet your supervisor before Christmas. Iuliana Sandu. You are also welcome to a variety of career activities and events all through your stay at Uppsala University. July 12 Deadline for supervisor to hand in the grade at the student administration. The typical thesis process includes 5 to 7 meetings with your supervisor during period 3 and 4, but deviations are possible. Illustrations based on real-world cases are discussed, demonstrating when specific measurement systems are a good fit, and when they lead to dysfunctional managerial behaviour.

The course also provides knowledge of capital markets, money markets, financial instruments and risk management, which has become essential for managing the treasury department of companies. Who is Majed? Students of the master Law and Economics MSc track follow a slightly different path.

It is mandatory for all incoming students in accounting and financial management.

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Publish your thesis It is not mandatory, but we recommend you submit your thesis to the Students Theses Archive. RSM Career Centre has therefore developed a course aiming to put you in the driver seat of your own career and to support you in identifying and preparing for your first career step after graduation. The fact that all of this together fit well with what I was looking for and also knowing the quality of the professors at the U. Topics covered include advanced cost allocation techniques like Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing , evaluation of financial information to support project appraisal and capital budgeting, pricing strategies, as well as the latest techniques for customer profitability analysis and other short- and long-term investment decisions. Caspar David Peter. These include ensuring availability of credit, managing working capital efficiently, defining the dividend policy, managing financial risks, and restructuring banking relations. The recent credit crisis has shown a lot of interest from many, including politicians, in the content and impact of financial reporting. By Adam in Financial Management , Management No Comments Financial management is usually considered a challenging topic by the novice and financial management dissertation topics can often overwhelm. Taught by Stefan van Kampen. University of Pretoria, This study investigates several of the mandatory disclosures for investments in associates. This implies you have done initial literature research, addressed a research gap, drafted research questions, and develop a plan for empirical data analysis. The course format will be multiple sessions with experienced coaches from the J-building and companies.

Read about what some of our former students are doing after graduation, and how they feel about their education at our Department of Business Studies. In addition to the cum laude classification in art. Management Control is an exciting and intellectually provocative topic area and one of the most challenging perspectives for the future.

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