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The employees of the organization need to be evaluated on their performance in order to find out if they are moving toward achieving the organization's goals. Thus is becomes very important for the airline, while formulating a training budget to keep in mind the ROI from such trainings, as the ROI is greatly reduced in the aviation industry due to the leakage of skilled resources. With the aviation industry, remuneration and other fringe benefits plays a very important role in reducing the employee turnover ratio. With practical advice tailored to your organization from an expert in small business human resource needs, HR Solutions is available by phone or email without breaking the bank. What are the potential risks and opportunities? HRD has to be linked to the company- and HR-strategy. The human resources arm is also in charge of constantly creating an environment in which the employees feel challenged to grow and better themselves. Share on Facebook Employees are a key success factor for small businesses. These additional HR responsibilities require a significant amount of time — time that really should directed towards driving the continued growth. Because of frequent strikes and lack of manpower, companies instituted personnel departments to perform administrative activities related to employees. Even though there have been multiple debates on whether quality of human resource is directly proportionate to the success of a business, we cannot disregard it upfront.

Strategic Human Resources HR managers today are a key part of an organization's senior management team, helping determine the company's overall business strategy.

We can never ignore the evaluation stage as the benefits are multifold to the organization, in this case the airline.

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The Pre-Hiring Phase The pre-hiring phase is basically the recruitment phase. The advanced technology that is being used, requires airlines to prepare themselves to better handle the equipment.

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Heathfield Education Begin the education process from the moment employees start in their new position. Investments for education and research. Your employees play a key role in each of these areas as to whether things are going well or not.

The airline company needs to have a thorough assessment of the technical training needs of the pilots, the ground staff and aircraft crew members and further prioritize these need to be able to achieve its strategically plan of starting the A flights for the public.

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5 Stages of the Human Resources Life Cycle in Need of Improvement