How to write a raise request letter examples

Sample letter requesting salary increase for employee

Your goal in this situation is to establish your specific goals and a specific timeline so you can measure progress and revisit the conversation later on. Sample Letter Requesting a Raise This is a raise request letter example. So this email gives you the opportunity to make your case in your own words to whoever needs to approve your request. The example letter below is intended to be sent in hard-copy form. Why to put your salary request in writing Most negotiation tips are created with a face-to-face interaction in mind—how to use effective body language, how to use active listening strategies, and how to frame your verbal request. Address it to your manager Remember, you should send this letter after asking for a raise from your manager. And for more tools and resources related to the workplace, including getting a salary increase, check out our Workplace Resources for Job-Seekers. You may need to follow up several times to get the ball rolling. A letter is also a record documenting the request should it be denied now but reconsidered in the future. Conduct salary research to determine the appropriate range for your position, experience, and accomplishments. Making the request in writing helps ease any discomfort you or your boss might feel. What to Include in Your Letter or Email Message Before you even begin writing your letter, make sure that your salary request is reasonable.

Boss, I appreciate the opportunity I've had during the last three years to serve as a vital member of the marketing and sales support team. Ask for a time to discuss your pay raise to get the ball rolling:.

The process of putting your case in writing will either help you to clearly see how strong your case is or to identify gaps that you should address before you schedule that meeting to make a formal request.

how to write a raise request letter examples

For example: I look forward to speaking with you in more depth in our next monthly meeting, and am excited about the projects we have on the horizon.

But it should always be direct, polite, and professional.

letter of request for salary increase free sample

Before you use those templates to schedule a time to ask for a raise, I recommend building your case and putting it in a letter or email. You could reach out with a short email or even just send a quick instant message that you would like to talk about your compensation in your next 1-on Once again, I am grateful to be a member of this organization, and I enjoy taking on assignments that allow me to contribute to the company.

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A Free Sample Salary Increase (Raise) Letter