How to write a report on training needs analysis

Analysis Findings — Present what the data shows. This ensures users have clear, understandable reference materials, and will be able to understand how their work affects others in the entire business process. As long as we use the word training in the process, the posited solution is training rather than determining the likely causes of the discrepancies and positing solutions that are tracked to other observed factors.

training needs analysis methods

That is, users will only need to attend module areas that affect their role and related tasks. Components of a Training Needs Analysis The format of a training needs analysis should provide the following information: General information — Provides an overview of the organization along with its challenges and successes.

What analysis do you need to do? Develop user documentation first User documentation should be developed first, then leveraged as the basis for training. What resources are available to help employees learn and improve their on the job performance? New training requirements because of changes new policies, equipment, etc.

The Finance Department implemented the JD Edwards system in earlyreplacing a customized financial system. Finally, keep the needs of both the employees and the employer in mind as you present your findings.

How do you really know what your customers want?

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Training Needs Analysis Report