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He politely proves that Bob Ewell is a liar; he respectfully questions Mayella about her role in Tom's crisis.

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Tom Robinson's trial was juried by poor white farmers who convicted him despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence, as more educated and moderate white townspeople supported the jury's decision.

Scout is tempted to stand up for her father's honor by fighting, even though he has told her not to.

And it sure causes his family a lot of grief. Miss Maudie was beside him. The firm prospered, even during the Great Depression, and so did A. This prompts their black housekeeper Calpurnia to escort Scout and Jem to her church, which allows the children a glimpse into her personal life, as well as Tom Robinson's. The importance Scout places on her ability to read is made apparent on her first day at school, when the idea that she may no longer read leaves her feeling distraught. She expresses some intense emotions through him, both in what he says and does. Atticus tries to explain to Scout why he's doing what he's doing in this case. These qualities about Attic's develop the reader into feeling respect and admiration for Attic's himself, and tends to focus the reader more upon the words and messages that he conveys throughout the book. Although Atticus Finch is a good human being, he too, like all the others has his weaknesses; he cannot comprehend just how evil human beings can be.

Attic's is constantly the one who stands up for both of these men; for Tom Robinson he defends his court case though destined to lose, and continually forces the children to abandon their teasing and provocations of Boo Raddled.

He goes to Helen's home to tell her of Tom's death, which means a white man spending time in the black community. He does not try to intimidate any of his witnesses.

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When Atticus makes his summation to the jury, he literally bares himself to the jury's and the town's anger. I hoped for a little, as I said, but I got rather a whole lot, and in some ways this was just about as frightening as the quick, merciful death I'd expected.

Everyone knows that the " white trash Ewells" are not to be trusted, but the jury convicts Tom anyway.

Furthermore, in addressing themes such as alcoholism, incestrape, and racial violence, Lee wrote about her small town realistically rather than melodramatically.

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"To Kill a Mockingbird": How does Harper Lee use the character of Atticus Finch Essay Example