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And most calligraphers are right-handed, simply and only because most people are right-handed.

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More on lighting here and here. Some basic issues I'd point out for attention are: 1. If a child has a tendency to be left-handed, forcing her to use the right hand can do her more harm than good.

Experts say that by the primary grades, many left-handed child have not be correctly coached and have developed bad writing habits and experience considerable difficulty as a result. This is really just to make it less likely that they will tear the paper but if they are able to draw those little lines from left to right like righties, it will also help their writing speed and fluency in the long run.

This taught me a lot about the way calligraphic alphabets and techniques have evolved as a function of predominantly right-handers using mostly quill pens for fifteen hundred years or so. I did a bit of research and what follows is what I learned. Unfortunately, a poor grip will often make for problems later on in life, be you a left-handed or right-handed writer, especially when writing those long essays in high school exams.

In practice, left-handers' experience varies. A number of moulded grips are available that can facilitate and reinforce the correct grip, as well as pens with a built-in grip in the barrel.

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So nothing is set in stone. To be successful, parents and teachers must agree on the process and work closely with the child. This article was originally published in French. In principle, left-handers are at an advantage for the highly shaded flexible-nib scripts like copperplate, Spencerian, etc, because these require a steep nib-angle towards the top right corner of the paper. The elbow should be at right-angles and the shoulders relaxed. Figure 3. Figure 2. Some of these obstacles may already be very familiar to you from day-to-day writing, but I think they deserve to be looked at freshly in a calligraphic context. For a left-hander, the top of the page should be rotated clock-wise by degrees. Both the above contain helpful information and experience. The translucency of the paper meant I could turn it over and see how it would have looked if I'd been writing left-handed. This is why letterforms based on a circle are formed using two strokes, so the nib is never pushed.
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Left handed letter formation