Montana 1948 by larry watson

I read this soon after it was published in The narrator is middle-aged David Hayden looking back to the summer of when he was twelve years old. David, who was playing with his grandfather's pistol, once contemplates shooting Frank because of all the troubles he has given their family.

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After she has received medical attention and is prescribed medication, Gail questions Marie and discovers that Frank has a history of abusing his medical status to prey upon the local Native American women, forcing them to commit otherwise unnecessary acts. Wesley and Frank's controlling and racist father Julian is strongly opposed to Frank's arrest and sends men to break Frank free when Wesley is not home.

It was a summer of lost innocence. Now, that is virgin territory.

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David's grandfather was also once a sheriff in a place where the land is harsh, the wind strong, and the sky endless. Should Wesley use his badge to prosecute his own brother or protect him? When David admits to seeing his uncle leave the residence hours before his babysitters death, Wesley later confronts Frank about his actions at a family dinner at their parents' house and they reach a compromise, where Wes agrees to forget the whole incident. In an attempt to cover up the accusations, Frank murders Marie, declaring that her death is a relapse of her illness. I read this soon after it was published in It begins when his housekeeper, a Sioux girl named Marie, falls ill. David is a relatable, all-American twelve year-old wrapped up in the hazy and suspicious incidents occurring in his home in the fictional town of Bentrock, Montana. Now, that is virgin territory. With David, I learned that regardless of his illusions, he is finally able to see things as they really are, and the slightest bit of evidence can be the difference between innocence and guilt. Eventually, David decides to tell his parents the truth - that he had witnessed Frank leaving their house around the same time Marie had died, implying that Frank had something to do with her death. Marie detests the use of a doctor and insists upon seeing another doctor that she is more familiar with. It is a sound I have never heard coming from him. The story has a mysterious undertone, beginning with its narration by David Hayden. In the ensuing events, David Hayden comes of age as he learns about both justice and courage.

My father kneels on the kitchen floor, begging my mother to help him. We often have similar reactions to the same material.

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Marie is further reluctant to receive medical treatment from Frank Hayden and calls for Gail, David's mother, to be in the room with her during her checkup. So, readers that do not enjoy westerns need not shy away from it.

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Montana by Larry Watson