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Proceed It is a challenge that I have to face and I believe I will eventually adapt over time. And as far as the invitations are concerned the only invites that you'll get are from your textbooks and classroom notes to memorize them, that's unless you want to fail or be held back that semester.

I came to college and had no idea what to expect. I just had no choice. Even though I have not met my roommate in-person, I do not have any worries because, well, we are stuck with each other, but I also expect to be friends with the person I will be sharing a shoebox with.

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My college tries to steer away from the high school spit-fire memorization, but what if my flame goes out during college? Partying Expectation: Before starting college, life there seems to be revolving around nothing but friends, party invitations, late night parties, staying out for as long as you like without a care in the world. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. About the Author Lexie R. As the need for education has grown, we have placed higher burdens on those who can least afford it: students and working families. They are not trying to make you fail. We will never live with our parents full-time again. Like it or not, most of the times it would be about attendance issues for if you don't meet the minimum attendance criteria then you had no chance of sitting for exams. You are sure that your dream guy is on this very campus with you right now. College is a lot like this hour saga- studying until the sun rises, skipping some meals over precious sleep, and for some weird cosmic reason, having some fun in the chaos of it all. Such is the life of a college student! My future is going to be a dorm room that is not quite home, and my childhood home will be filled with old memories and past friendships. Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. If you want to become the college superstar you might have to put in quite a lot more of hard work as compared to what you did back in school.

I had my last piano lesson a month ago, and I left sobbing because these lessons have been a key part of my life since I was five years old. I know that some days it will be a rough journey, but I have waited for this day my entire life.

I was so burnt out on academia during high school that I would do my homework in the morning before class and not retain any information.

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I admit that I want to have a lot of fun socially, but I also want to succeed academically. As the need for education has grown, we have placed higher burdens on those who can least afford it: students and working families. Not studying in college is actually asking for failure. Much like how all the other days have been, you dress up and show up. Get to know your professors and enjoy the classes! We will never eat cake while still living full-time in our childhood homes again. A few steps up the stairs and you crash on the bed. I had to learn to be very independent. While I do believe that staying fit in college is important, there is little to no time to work out because your work will continue to pile on as you go through the semester. Campus Life College life: Expectation Vs Reality The beginning of college life come with immense expectations and anticipations and here are some of the bubbles about it which we would like to break. But what's so exciting and enchanting about college life that has every high school student looking forward to it?

All of this is up to me. Everything is harder. It just does not matter. My expectation for college is to be happy.

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College life: Expectation Vs Reality