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Most important, they could all see the singer - a Lion. After Letty has been seen to, Digory begins to consider how to get the witch out of London. Fledge notices the change in his old master immediately. Andrew is a mess and wants to leave immediately, but Digory will not leave. As her sister came up the steps, Jadis uttered the Deplorable Word and all life, except her own, was blotted out forever. All attention is turned then toward the coronation of King Frank and Queen Helen , the cabby and his wife. In this story, which takes place in the late nineteenth century in London, two children, Polly and Digory, are sent out of this world by Digory's evil Uncle Andrew. Realizing the distance, Digory tells Aslan that it will take a while to return, but Aslan provides transportation for him The Lion calls Strawberry, asks him if he would like to be a flying horse, gives the animal wings, and renames him Fledge. He has begun to lose his cockney accent and his appearance even seems more stately.

Andrew leaves sullenly. It frequently makes use of humour; this perhaps reflects the sense of looking back at an earlier part of the century with affection, and Lewis as a middle-aged man recalling his childhood during those years.

This meant The Magician's Nephew was numbered as the first in the series.

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This would be anticlimactic if the reader has already been introduced to Narnia in The Magician's Nephew and already knows the origins of Narnia, the wardrobe, and the lamp post. She tempts him to eat the apple, saying it will give eternal life. There they find no living creature until they inadvertantly wake up Jadis, who had been the evil Queen of Charn.

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Digory and Polly struggle with sums when trying to work out how far they must travel along the attic space to explore an abandoned house, Lewis failed the maths entrance exam for Oxford University. Andrew tries to flee as well but trips over a root and lands in a small stream, soaking himself to the bone. At Polly's urging, he leaps into the home pool. Contented, the horse begins strolling toward the nearest pool. Jadis runs away. To get out, the woman utters a spell which vaporizes the door and they exit onto a terrace of sorts where they could look out over the countryside. This interests Jadis and she insists upon being taken to England at once. Strawberry agrees to take Digory to Aslan, so Digory is lifted onto Strawberry's back for the short ride. Jadis tempts Digory to eat one of the forbidden apples in the garden, as the serpent tempts Eve into eating a forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. The boy is Digory , a name which Polly makes fun of and begins to comment on his dirty face when she remembers her manners.

The children stand adoring Aslan when the world swirls around them and they arrive in the heat and noise of London. Polly offers Uncle Andrew Mr.

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She asks the maid to call the police to report a lunatic on the loose. According to Aslan, it is the fruit of eternal life and youth. After a short time the two decide to try going home.

She orders Andrew to procure transportation so she may set about the conquest of the world, warning him to do nothing treacherous or else.

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