Odysseus qualities essay

Some of the more important qualities of Odysseus are determination, envy, and protection.

Odysseus unheroic qualities

Both Penelope and Odysseus are very quick thinking and cunning. References: Donlan, Walter. Odysseus had a heroic identity before he was separated from his family and the people of Ithaca, and throughout his journey he continues to keep his past heroic identity Granting the fact that humans having similar qualities is a frequent occurrence, no two individuals attain identical personalities. One of the many qualities of Odysseus is determination. Odysseus, A True Hero? He possesses the whole hearted allegiance and sacrifice that any average-day man could never acquire, along with the selfless devotion and fortitude that comes along. A hero might typically be described as a courageous person who has the strength of a warrior and a leader to triumph in battles. Furthermore, I would argue that not all sectors are made equal, nor do all bearers process and equal position of ascendancy, ability to compel obedience, or Dominion. After years and years of battling to get home, he wants mercy from Poseidon. But Odysseus is not alone in this struggle and receives aid from many gods, especially the clear-eyed goddess Athena.

Odysseus shows his heroism through his bravery. Based on the play, there is evidence to suggest that Odysseus is not a hero as defined but that he relied on the help of the gods and goddess His perseverance really stands out as something that he has and always will have. On his long journey home, he never gives up and just stays where he is, no matter how tempting.

odysseus curiosity

Throughout these happenings, Odysseus is called a hero, a title that he does not deserve. In The Odyssey, Odysseus portrays an important trait to the story, perseverance. These actions of Odysseus represent his intelligence and his abilities to defeat even the threatening monsters.

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The Traits of Odysseus Essay