Online writers critique groups

Cost: Free This Tumblr site allows you to search for a critique partner by genre, or submit your own profile to allow others to find you.

Online writers critique groups

But how do you find these critique partners or join a group? On the other hand, crit groups can actually help stop plagiarism because by submitting your piece, you record proof that work went online at a specific time. Find out more at www. This is where a critique partner or writing group can be invaluable in helping you hone your skills and improve your writing. Both routes take an enormous amount of courage. Now I have four international bestselling novels with major publishers, and when authors come to me I always send them to Scribophile. Seasoned writers are usually generous with hints and tips that improve your piece. Get quality feedback, guaranteed.

Cost: Free This women-only service matches up potential critique partners by genre and desired critique frequency. This system is great for people who have been burned in other groups, doing the brunt of the commenting and getting no feedback.

Use what seems right and forget the rest.

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The range of responses will sharpen your writing. It follows the submission-credits model as well, where you must critique other submissions to earn feedback on your own work. Now I have four international bestselling novels with major publishers, and when authors come to me I always send them to Scribophile. Local chapter meetings are often monthly, featuring informative speakers. There are groups for beginners; others cater to more advanced crowds. Submitting and critiquing When you submit a piece for evaluation, take care to hand in your best work. Online writing critique groups These are websites and private writing groups dedicated to helping you find critique partners or learn about writing. Cost: Free This genre-specific group exchanges critiques and offers some professional reviews. Being willing to receive criticism helps build up your confidence and courage, and teaches you how to release your work into the wild. Cost: Free This community is especially great for writers interested in traditional publishing. Find out more at www. They have over 10, members and have given over , critiques since

Also, many require that you critique in order to receive critiques, to keep a fair balance of work given versus help received. Use these tools together. WritersOnlineWorkshops offers the best writing instruction available on the Web.

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Providing accountability. With 1, critiques served forworks, and 4, posts inthreads in our writing forums. Laura CreedleThe Love Letters of Abelard and Lily published with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Plus, get writing advice from the pros Our writing group is more than just a place to get feedback and hang out with other awesome writers.

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40 Places to Find a Critique Partner Who Will Help You Improve Your Writing