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If you wrote that the Proclamation of the Young Turks document 7 was a movement away from ethnic and religious equality, that misinterpretation would be a major error.

Comments in your essay that explore the motivations for the documents often count as POV. What are the jobs and duties of the caliph?

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How did the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by these invaders affect the Ottomans citizens' approval of their government?

Any of the following ways could count for supporting your thesis with evidence.

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Students often forget to analyze these to the same degree that they do written sources. Organizing Your Documents A straightforward way to organize your grouping is to indicate why you are grouping documents together in your topic sentence. They swept all before them and burned and looted great Islamic cities like Baghdad. Suleimans heir was known as Selim the Drunkard. Does the intended audience skew the message of a source? Osman, a prince of a small Turkish principality in teh 15 th century, gradually carved out for himself a new empire from the remnant of the old. What effect did this weakness have on the empire? Discussing Point of View Properly discussing the point of view POV of the documents is another important, and sometimes difficult, task. Does the type of document influence the content of what is said?

Do not work with documents in isolation since a group cannot have just one document. What was the Ghazu and the Ummah? The governor of Egypt tried to compete with the Europeans by building the Suez Canal, thus allowing Egypt to earn money from ships sailing through.

what changes did suleiman make to the governance of the ottoman empire

The readers of the AP essay do not expect that high-school students would have knowledge of hidden documents in some archive that might shed light on this topic. Nationalism, which is the belief that a particular group of people sharing the same language and culture should form an independent state, became popular in the Balkans.

When the sultans tried to initiate reforms, they were assassinated by the Janissaries who feared losing their privileges.

to what extent did suleiman promote tolerance in the ottoman empire
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Islam Through the Ottoma Empire DBQs