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However, when one ormore of the items in a series already include commas, separate the itemswith semicolons.

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We have structured the introductions on reading and writing to assist you in making this connection: In Part One, Laura Bobnaks essay, with its multiple drafts, explicitly connects reading and writing since it responds to an assignment derived from the Gates essaywhich is printed in the Introduction.

Thus the techniques we provide to narrow a topic, find something to say, develop a thesis, and arrange ideas will probably be new to them. Bats have more pop.

patterns for college writing answers pdf

I realized that hewas copying material from a paper he had taped inside the cuff of his shirt. In addition, she repeated keywords so that important concepts would be reinforced.

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Approaching a text inthis way is not easy, for it requires you to develop your own analytical andcritical skills and your own set of standards to help you judge and interpretwhat you read. To makethis connection clear, she decided to mention in her conclusion a specificeffect the incident had on her: its impact on her friendship with Jeff. Now that I am in college I see the situation differently. In one sense, then, Gates begins with these two quotations because they are relevant to the issues he will discuss. That way, if you change your mindabout a deletion or if you find you need information you took out of a draft, you canrecover it easily. In fact, we have included more questions than we expect every instructor to use in order to provide the greatest degree of flexibility. I watched him beating his bunch of grass against his knees, with the preoccupied grandmotherly macmillanhighered. He had left a little early that evening because I was with him and I had 3to be in bed early.

Single time period: past tense Lee surrendered to Grant on April 9,and past tense then he addressed his men. Be sure to emphasize the good points about the essay.

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Used throughout the text, these sections can be the source of subject matter for many essays. Often, you will find that the missing words appear in an adjacent sentencein your essay. Correct: Work is an activity you do to earn money. In the long run, this knowledge would have served him better than the knowledge that he could cheat whenever he faced a difficult situation. Revised: When he was hit, the boxer stood frozen for a moment, and then he fell to the mat. Ask questions, listen to responses, and explain your comments. Vague: Violence in sports is a bad thing. Everyreading selection here is followed by questions and exercises designed tohelp you become a thoughtful and proficient writer.

As the semester dragged on, it became clear to me, as well as to the other Drafting and Revising 77Key incidentoccurs students in the class, that passing the course was not something 3 we could take for granted. Did they know?

patterns for college writing answers

By understanding a few 86 Editing and Proofreadingpunctuation rules, you can learn to identify and correct these errors in yourwriting. For more information on using colons, see the Grammar in Context sec-tion of Chapter 12 page Moreover, many people are still reluctant to report crimes.

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After writing her rough draft,she put it aside for a few hours and then reread it. Remind them that they will have to make many of the same choices the writers of the selections did; for this reason, developing greater awareness as readers will help them become better writers. By employing thisstrategy, she was able to bring her essay full circle and develop an idea shehad alluded to in her introduction. If a newidea comes to you, go with it. In your outside reading,however, you will often find more than one pattern used in a single piece ofwriting as in Chapter 15, Combining the Patterns, page It undercuts the educationprocess and is unfair to teachers and to the majority of students who spend theirtime studying. Shefed calves. They have a knack for picking just the right readings. Once you have made your handwritten cor-rections, you can type them into your paper. Those reasons fall into several broad categories: the family, the best friend, the evils of dorm life, the evils of technology, and the totally bizarre. Part Two, "Readings for Writers," provides detailed introductions to each chapter's rhetorical pattern, with plenty of examples of student writing, clear explanations of writing strategies, and accessible discussions of how the patterns can help organize ideas.

I gave in to peer pressure instead of doing what I knew to be right.

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Patterns for College Writing, 14th Edition