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She has come up with an interactive protocol by which users with no quantum powers of their own can nevertheless employ cryptography to put a harness on a quantum computer and drive it wherever they want, with the certainty that the quantum computer is following their orders.

More than a speculative technology, quantum computing seems to challenge our most basic intuitions about how the physical world should behave.

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Aaronson gave Tang a handful of problems to choose from, including the recommendation problem. While scaling up the underlying quantum processor is extremely challenging, building the Unfortunately, the computational power of quantum computers is currently limited by the number of working qubits.

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We identify the different necessary stages: state preparation, cluster state construction and implementation of quantum error correcting codes, and address the challenges that arise in each of these stages. It can provide an exponential speedup compared to classical computers in many computational problems, including simulations of general quantum mechanical systems, pattern finding and solving linear systems.

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The surface code is one of the most popular QEC schemes, but it requires the availability of an efficient decoder. Tang chose it somewhat reluctantly. This thesis aims to design a quantum algorithm

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A proposed controller, operating at 4K, needs a clean voltage supply in order to function well. Finally, I give new lower bounds on quantum one-way communication complexity, and on the quantum query complexity of total Boolean functions and recursive Fourier sampling. In order to have efficient quantum computation and storage, active QEC is required. But what if the classical verifier could somehow force the quantum computer to perform the measurements itself and report them honestly? Based on this scheme, we propose a full architectural blueprint with fixed physical depth. For several months Tang struggled to prove that a fast classical algorithm was impossible. There are a number of physical platforms conducive to quantum computation, each with a number of advantages and challenges. But that could change in the coming years, as quantum computers get larger and researchers streamline the protocol. This noise leads to decoherence In order to combat To allow for scaling, the electronics that constitute this platform
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Quantum computation: From Church