Rabbit proof fence myths and untruths essay

Sacred objects were brought in from the desert and buried there, ceremonies were still performed and again we see the adaptation of Aboriginal people to a new set of circumstances.

Rabbit proof fence myths and untruths essay

This is the craft of the writer who chooses to tell a family history as a story. It was a bustling little community by the s. We see the curious role that black trackers played in hunting down their own people to send them back to the places they have fled and the complex relationships Aboriginal people have with pastoralists, who warily yet generously provide food for the girls, knowing they are fugitives but not actively helping or hindering them. The audience can clearly see a fence cutting through the land, the rabbit proof fence. The current Australian government of Prime Minster John Howard actually still refuses to apologize for these policies. Through clever use of symbolism, motifs, film techniques and music, Noyce involved the audience well and captured their emotions. And how do you decipher that when your characters and sources use seasons and landscape, instead of time and numbers, to remember when and where things happened? Was the film overly sympathetic to one colour or the other? The audience senses their vulnerability and the challenge that lies ahead. As they continue, there is an aerial shot of trees, the sound of an eagle, an example of diegetic sound and the audience has a sense that the bird is guiding the girls home. Popular Blog Posts. Find and explore a text which explores one or more of these issues. That Australians could have accepted thinking such as his, and indeed based government policy on it, indicates the sorry fact that many of them thought aborigines were a step or two down the evolutionary ladders from modern Europeans. They eventually find the rabbit-proof fence, knowing they can follow it north to Jigalong.

In closing, Molly says that she and Daisy " The three girls are representatives of the real women they play, but they also symbolise the thousands upon thousands of children cruelly removed from their homes.

Achieving something.

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However, when Annabelle was three years old, she was taken away once more, and Molly never saw her again. As part of the exchange, Aboriginal people stayed on their traditional land and could carry out cultural activities.

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Although he is an experienced tracker, Moodoo is unable to find them. Torn from their families by government officials, they were transported some 1, miles to a training school, where they huddled together in fear and grief, separated from everyone and everything they had ever known.

But this sanctuary also allowed for greater European surveillance and control of the Aboriginal people who lived there. Indigenous people have always understood interconnectedness.

During this scene there are close ups of their hands holding the fence.

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Rabbit Proof Fence (Myths and Untruths)