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In Sweden, there are requirements for organic farming which are mainly issued by an association known as KRAV.

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This species appears to have a very variable lamina form. Conceptually, sustainability comprises environmental, economic, and social aspects. Sweden made some preparations to muster and arm peasant levies in the coming war. In the food sector, an organic label is an indication that the food is produced using organic production methods. Billesholm, Bjuv, Bosarp, Hyllinge, Skromberga. Box Uppsala, Sweden; es. KRAV is an incorporated association with stakeholders representing farmers, processors, consumer, and firms with environmental and animal welfare interests [ 8 , 9 ]. The small war in Holstein and Bremen was conducted mainly by regular Danish forces that were often joined by local militiamen and insurgents. The variation in pinnule form is consistent with the morphological continuum recognized by Nathorst , in abundant material of this species from Bjuv. The insurgencies in Holstein and Bremen were at least partly based on peasant communalism. Recent estimates indicate that organic agricultural land covers about Therefore, it is important to increase the awareness of consumers of sustainable food production and supply systems.

All KRAV-certified operations have to comply with national laws such as animal welfare and environmental legislation. The European Union EU organic logo can be used together with national or private logos.

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The Swedish government made some preparations for counterinsurgency in Scania. Camptopteris spiralis Nathorst, b Camptopteris spiralis; Nathorst, p.

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Many of these stratagems involved the infiltration of regular soldiers disguised as peasants. The Swedish government allowed its generals to treat enemy peasants as hostile combatants if they saw reason to do so.

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Whereas D. The latter is distinguished by its decurrent pinna base, which links adjacent pinnae; pinnae are free up to the base in D. Pinnae in D. War in the Norwegian front was fought as hybrid warfare by combined forces of regular soldiers and levied peasants. Nathorst Dictyophyllum nathorstii is most similar to D. However, the latter is only restricted to a variety of D. Regionality, sustainable methods of production and organic production are the most important parameters to characterize the food as high quality and make buying decisions. For instance, Figure 1 presents the EU organic logo and the Sweden organic logo that can be used for organic food products. However, these species appear to be separated stratigraphically. Only in one year from to did the organic agricultural land increase by 2. K, Leaf of Ptilozamites blasii with several preserved leaflets S This species occurs in several Scanian assemblages of Rhaetian age i.

Norwegian hybrid warfare was managed and controlled by the statholder Hannibal Sehested. Later the Scanian insurgents presented a notable threat to Swedish lines of communication and managed to launch raids into Swedish territory.

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Peasant collaboration with the enemy and unsanctioned engagement in localized truces occurred at all theatres of war.

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