Social media and violence

Social media and violence

To keep people on their sites as long as possible, companies like Facebook and YouTube use algorithms to recommend posts a person is likely to agree with. Some governments are going so far as to take action on social media-fueled violence. What happens without a connection? Chaslot compares them to a fight going on in the street — people either join in, try to break it up, or they stop and stare. Those include hundreds of ephemeral shutdowns in India, where they first emerged as a localized response to unrest in the northern region of Kashmir and subsequently spread to most other states. Earlier this week, the Metropolitan police commissioner, Cressida Dick, blamed social media for playing a part in youth violence. The new strong team of police staff and officers will be tasked with disrupting and removing overt and covert gang-related online content.

In study after studycivil society organizations have documented the human rights problems caused by internet shutdowns and the economic damage they produce.

Chaslot gives an example. Social Media: Is there a correlation between its use and violent behavior?

social media and youth crime

Examines how social media acts as a catalyst for serious incidents of violence between young people in real life. It was one of network shutdowns or large-scale disruptions to digital communication that year all around the world, according to digital rights advocacy organization Access Now.

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His death is one of many attributed to youth crimes in the same area in recent months, and one of many tied to gang violence. But social media-inspired violence is not unique to countries that are new to the internet after years of censorship.

There has been limited research to date exploring the issue, however it has been found that an increased number of hours on social media correlates directly with aggressive behavior — with certain types of online usage more prone to correlate with aggressive behavior.

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So, inhe set up Algotransparency, a website that tries to demystify YouTube's algorithm, showing which videos it promotes over others.

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Social media related to violence by young people, say experts