Speech on stage conduction on annual function

Indeed, it was a great performance by the students. Ladies and gentleman thank you for your presence here, and remember your encouragement are what will make your children cheerful, so please make sure parents, you keep cheering all the children after every program.

anchoring script for school function

After the vice principal speech, you can now call the principal. I wish Heena's group to come up on the stage and present a Folk Song Now get ready to see something special. Thank you very much. How to Close the Annual Function? You need to know that every child has worked so hard to give a beautiful presentation right in front of their parents, so please not only for your own children, but we need to hear the thunder of claps go for each and every act.

Here you can call the principal or members of the team to scoot the guests with presents or award. How to greet and welcome the audience?

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