Strategic plan part ii environmental analysis and setting strategic goals

Focusing on Growth When doing an environmental analysis as part of a strategic plan, you have to keep an eye out for growth opportunities. Photo Credits. Use this as one of several tools to evaluate your business concept overall. Figuring out all the political, economic, social and technical factors that will potentially affect an organization's growth is the primary purpose of environmental analysis.

When developing a strategic plan, you have to look at the outside environmental factors that can have an impact on your business. The firm must build its strategic plan around these components to enable a successful navigation in a continually changing market environment.

When you create a strategic plan, you have a specific set of steps that you plan on taking in order to make your business successful. Discussed in the report address what the strategic planning development and implementation process is and to address why it helps organizations be successful.

For example, if technology outside your business is improving, you may be able to use these technological advances to improve your own business operations.

AZ Central. The benefits of a competitive analysis includes; 1.

role of environmental analysis in strategy formulation

All these components, when carefully integrated into a strategic plan, achieving set goals and objectives, will be a great success and provide a competitive edge for the outreach center in the health care market. Understanding an area where a firm need strength can provide motivation to enhance the organization is offering to consumers as well as staff members; from reworking of customer service policies to employee training and many more.

S realized that to find a proper strategic plan was necessary and urgent for the company. In creating this strategic plan, a specific set of steps is taking to make attaining set goals a success.

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