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There is enough backstory to identify with a character but not enough to predict their every move. When Mr. And Janet and Gideon wrote each other love letters. Gore and his college roommate, the actor Tommy Lee Jones.

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Gore told him on the phone this week that he knew that Mrs. Gore had not bothered to correct the story because he had more important things to do.

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She knew who was sending them. I started reading the book expecting a cheesy or sensuous romantic novel, a guilty pleasure, but it was none of that.

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Gore left the impression that he and Mrs. Which version of the truth was I supposed to believe, the dying women or her husband? She said that she simply had not checked with Mr. Summary[ edit ] This section contains wording that promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information. Terzano said Mr. She was nearing the end of her funds, so she began to look for a job. Loved it from writing's perspective. It does not aim to be a classic, it does not go too deep, but it paints the surface well, and for that, it deserves some applause. I can't think of many books that stand out in the memory as so well written, so imaginatively poised. Still, she accepted his invitation—in her mind, a kind of pro forma social ritual, the sort of meetup owed to someone whose parents knew your parents and participated in the same groups. William Styron , the head judge for fiction that year, called it "a banal book which simply doesn't qualify as literature" and suggested that even by being nominated it would have "demeaned" all the other novels under consideration. The heroine is likeable but of course from the protagonists POV twenty years later she is at fault.
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