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Franklin was an inventor, a philosopher, a writer, a musician, and he actively participated in many congressional articles used by the government of the United States of America. Franklin also raised money for a hospital and began arguing against British restraint of manufacturing in America. Franklin put the question to his cousin Timothy Folger, a Nantucket whaler captain, who told him that merchant ships routinely avoided a strong eastbound mid-ocean current. In July , the Continental Congress appointed Franklin the first postmaster general of the United States, giving him authority over all post offices from Massachusetts to Georgia. The Franklin stove was remarkably popular, and Franklin was offered a lucrative patent that he turned down. Defense Funding Raising funds for the defense was always a grave problem in the colonies because the assemblies controlled the purse-strings and released them with a grudging hand. Living in London Encouraged by Pennsylvania Governor William Keith to set up his own print shop, Franklin left for London in to purchase supplies from stationers, booksellers and printers. At 81, Franklin was so ill he had to be carried into the meetings, much like an ancient potentate, seated in a sedan chair lifted by four strong men. Franklin conceived the idea of a subscription library , which would pool the funds of the members to buy books for all to read. Later, he became an ardent and active abolitionist. If I judge some two Reasons con equal to some three Reasons pro, I strike out the five; and thus proceeding I find at length where the Ballance lies; and if after a Day or two of farther Consideration nothing new that is of Importance occurs on either side, I come to a Determination accordingly. The son soon sold his share, and Benjamin Franklin was left with his own business at the age of When Governor Shirley proposed an alternative to the Albany Plan that excluded representatives of the colonies on the Grand Council, Franklin objected: I apprehend that excluding the people of the colonies from all share in the choice of the Grand Council, will give extreme dissatisfaction, as well as the taxing them by act of Parliament where they have no representative…. Rocking chair Flexible catheter American penny Franklin also discovered the Gulf Stream after his return trip across the Atlantic Ocean from London in

Then came a series of other taxes, arousing discontent in America that was countered by hostile reaction from the British government. Men and women of different walks of life gave their contributions in the forms of literature, propositions, and even their lives. A self-taught swimmer who crafted his own wooden flippers, Franklin performed long-distance swims on the Thames River.

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Franklin served as president of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery and wrote many tracts urging the abolition of slavery.

In Julythe Continental Congress appointed Franklin the first postmaster general of the United States, giving him authority over all post offices from Massachusetts to Georgia. Inthe Parliament of Britain passed the Stamp Act which imposed a direct tax on its colonies in British America.

This is succinctly preserved in his letter to the London Chronicle published November 29, titled 'On the Price of Corn, and Management of the poor'.

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He worked for his father for a time, and at 12 he became an apprentice to his brother James, a printer, who taught Ben the printing trade. The cartoon caught the attention of many readers and made clear the urgency of its message. He had less luck in when he launched the first German-language newspaper in the colonies, the short-lived Philadelphische Zeitung.

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