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Less than 15 minutes after the quake, thousands of people in the capital lay dead and the Mexican economy was shattered for years to come. I was trapped in the ruins with my daughter, but we were rescued. Many of the older colonial buildings have survived hundreds of years on the lakebed simply because they are not tall enough to be affected by the resonance effect. Mexico City is on a plateau surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. The hospital did not have an emergency plan but nonetheless, surviving hospital workers and neighbors quickly improvised, under the management of the hospital, setting up aid stations and scavenging supplies. About 5, bodies were recovered from the debris and represent the total of legally certified deaths but does not include those who were missing and never recovered. This revelation also caused many to consider why they needed a centralized state that so obviously could not care for its people. The earthquakes waves also caused a resonance with the natural "pitch" of the area that amplified the shaking to certain tall buildings. Official figures for the number of fatalities vary between 9, and 35,

Damage to structures is worsened by soil liquefaction which causes the loss of foundation support and contributes to dramatic settlement of large buildings. The main reason for this is the surface geology of the area, especially the downtown area.

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Part of the building was only slightly damaged, while another part of it collapsed. In Mexico City, buildings collapsed and another 3, were seriously damaged. At the top was a helipad. They also expose its social and political foundations. Many factories in the city, built with shoddy materials, also could not stand. Most people died in Mexico City, where multistory buildings collapsed completely and another 3, were seriously damaged, including 13 hospitals. Ambassador to Mexico, John Gavin observing the damage done by the earthquake.

The collapsed General Hospital in Mexico City after the earthquake struck. Mexico City Metro[ edit ] On the day of the quake, the Metro stopped service and completely shut down for fear of electrocution.

Official figures for the number of fatalities vary between 9, and 35, InTIME featured a story about the deadly quake on its cover.

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Every 19 September, in all public buildings at Mexico City and all the nation the civil protection authorities conduct evacuation drills to evaluate the evacuation response in the case of an earthquake. During the last century, the lake was completely drained, to make room for the housing needs of the ever-growing population of Mexico City.

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The value of the land becomes so important that people give up the land. Landslides caused damage at Atenquique , Jalisco, and near Jala , Nayarit. The conditions for sustaining their social movement dissipated. Those that are six to fifteen stories tall also vibrate at the 2. It had to be evacuated because all of its 25 buildings suffered severe damage. When this disappeared, the PRI's power base began to shrink. These "soft" stories were particularly flexible and tended to collapse after prolonged shaking. The main tremor was foreshadowed by a quake of magnitude 5. A lot of people gave up their rights to the housing they acquired in the damnificado movement, undermining the community and solidarity built up in the earthquake response. The next seriously affected area was Venustiano Carranza where 83 buildings collapsed, partially collapsed and 2, structures were seriously damaged.

This structure failed, causing the near total collapse of long distance communications between Mexico City and the rest of the world. The root causes of these vulnerabilities, then, are social and political, not merely physical.

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I was trapped in the ruins with my daughter, but we were rescued. The other three story buildings were closed because of damage, as well as the Metro entrance next door.

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Mexico City Earthquake Strikes on Anniversary of Quake