The significance of jocasta

A supportive women will give advice and comfort as Jocasta did. But is he not rather a victim of soothsayers?

She married him so he became king of Thebes.

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She wanted to raise a family and revel in their pleasures. Your present view of the afterlife is like mine, though I came to it from a totally different angle. Today we consider suicidal persons as crazy and try to treat them for a mental illness. The other women, Antigone and Ismene, are the daughters of Oedipus. Answer: She was a good mother, but she was much better with her girls than her boys. Young as I was and am , I understood that perceived pleasantness and truth were very different things; keeping them separate comes naturally to me. What would you say are their similarities and diffrences? In some cases the suicidal person in ancient Greece was likened to a hero fighting against overwhelming odds. Question: her role in Oedipus Rex Answer: She emphasizes the horror of the situation. Jocasta certainly ran her household and directed what was to be don in the house. Jocasta does seem to be a person more buffeted by events than in control of them.

One day I just noticed it was missing. The problem comes when you make choices, do the wrong thing, and feel guilty about it. Medea gives up her inheritance for her lover and when he proves unfaithful and she will lose him she kills the persons he loves.

Character sketch of jocasta in oedipus rex

Because these stories came from a verbal, poetic tradition, they cannot be expected to be historically accurate. Question: I am trying to compare jocasta and media? Your present view of the afterlife is like mine, though I came to it from a totally different angle. When she found she had married her son it so destroyed her domestic tranquility that she killed herself. In fact, within the play we see her praying to the god Apollo, making offerings, and asking for his protection. Jocasta is a character in the Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. Answer: She was passive and accepting. But had she chosen to live she might have received more sympathy. No other character, besides the Chorus, goes as far. But can you really say that she was poorly treated? Of course in some households the woman rules the women slaves while her husband rules the male slaves. She may also have has a loom on which she wove cloth Question: What was Sophocles trying to portray about the role of women in society through the character of Jocasta in Oedipus Rex Answer: It is possible that Sophocles was only trying to make Jocasta seem to be a real woman. This, of course, is what caused Jocasta and Laius to pierce and bind their one and only child's ankles and send him off to a mountainside to die. Answer: It was his poor decisions that did him in and not his Fate.

She brought Oedipus into the world and she saved his life in spite of her husband. Answer: Jocasta committed suicide because she became extremely unhappy.

The significance of jocasta

Both these work similar to a safety pin does today. But she was not influenced. Even if there is one, we can be fairly sure that religious beliefs have nothing to do with it. She brought Oedipus into the world and she saved his life in spite of her husband. Question: Was Jocasta acting in her own interest or in the interest of her family? There is also the possibility that Apollo warned Laius to remain childless and the god was ignored. One day I just noticed it was missing.

Question: who would you compare Jocasta to today? The Mycenaean dress was similar to the Minoan where the women wore a vest that revealed the breasts, a girdle, and a flounced skirt. In Ancient Greece, it was common to abandon unwanted children rather than kill them.

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Question: Describe the character of Creon in Oedipus and his function in the play?

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Jocasta’s role and character development