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Michael Bancroft Award is now open. As has been his practice throughout his career, Dr. He has deliberately brought issues of diversity, inclusion and interdisciplinarity into teacher education, with a centrepiece focus on Indigenous issues, provoking curriculum, and promoting excellence in teacher education.

Other prizes.

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Her research interests are teacher designed games, game-based learning, and computer-supported collaborative learning. How to nominate candidates?

Nominated works should focus on topics in higher education relevant to Canada, including the societal context, access, organization and governance, teaching and learning, institutional studies, or education and employment.

Candy Skyhar, PhD Grassroots professional growth: Inquiring into the effectiveness of a locally constructed professional development model for rural teachers Dr. Prizes for doctorate thesis Governor general's gold medals Three gold medals awarded to the best doctoral thesis, one in each of the following branches: 1- Arts, Social Sciences, Law and Education; 2- Sciences and Engineering; 3- Health Sciences, Medecine and Interdisciplinary programs.

Michael Bancroft Award is midnight on September 30, The copyright date on the thesis will be used to determine the year of eligibility.

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Students attending conference should declare their intent to enter to the Society Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. Two graduate student competitions 1 Masters and Doctoral thesis award competition and 2 graduate student paper competition, are organized to encourage innovation and excellence in Biosystems, Biological and Environmental Engineering and recognize our most promising graduate student members. Examining the perspectives and practices of high school science teachers on inclusive pedagogy Born and raised in Ghana, Simon Adu-Boateng developed a great passion for teaching after high school because of inadequate science teachers, which almost truncated his educational journey and career. With Dr. Anne-Marie also researched the cognitive approach at Lehman University in New York in and is currently involved in a research project on the Helsinki pedagogical model in Finland. The faculty must ensure that the file contains a nomination letter of no more than two pages. Sumara was guided by his research in complexity thinking and teacher education to create more inclusive conditions for learning. How to nominate candidates? Each initiative directly impacts teacher education in provincial, national and international communities.

These names will be sent for recognition at the annual banquet. Her Ph.

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The names of the winners and the prizes will be announced on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website. Students attending conference should declare their intent to enter to the Society Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. Each submission must include an expanded abstract of not less than 1, and not more than 1, words including references, if any. She has taught English as a Foreign Language for two years in China. If a thesis meets the eligibility requirements of more than one prize, it can be recommended for each one. Sumara has worked in five different faculties of education across three provinces, and has constantly broadened his research perspective and influence. With a B. Individual or team projects are eligible.
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