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I had promised lunch to all the actors during the comedy club scenes, but I was running out of time. The university does not provide any funding for thesis projects. Students must complete 18 hours of thesis work to graduate.

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But I learned that I needed more people on the crew side. Take pictures and write down key aspects of the wardrobe and hair. Changes to the schedule must be approved by the thesis chair. When the questioning is completed, the committee will deliberate and vote on whether the project passes or fails. Students must own full rights to any adaptation. Best decision I made simply because her skills as a comedienne and actress are amazing and, quite frankly, she made my film funnier. Production Book and Thesis Hours: -Once all of these steps are completed, students are allowed to enroll in thesis hours for their third year fifth and sixth semesters. Why have you chosen to be a filmmaker? I only did this once but it did help for another round of rewriting. Dramatic music plays Credit: Leslye Bourdier 4. So I brought in my comedy friends and I was in awe of how well it sounded with a few flaws here and there in the screenplay. Credit: Leslye Bourdier 7. The committee may require revisions prior to approval. If a student fails to use the equipment during their scheduled time, they may not reserve equipment for a later date.

Small details count. These materials must be submitted at the thesis defense. Editing — pace, rhythm, etc.

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This housing is primarily located within walking distance of the campus in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. Don't be afraid of rewrites All screenwriters know about rewrites.

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Thesis and Exam Guidelines