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Important Dates for Summer Below are some important dates for Summer to give you an idea of what's happening and when you need to get moving. At the core level, Ultimate is a non-contact sport and this rule embodies this principle of the game.

Players calling a Dangerous Play foul before a potential incident need to have reasonable grounds for doing so. Key Difference. You can unsubscribe anytime or contact us for details. If you have any problems registering please email juniors tuc.

Any foot block, attempted or successful, should be treated as a foul. Quite perfect, if you ask me. The ultimate community is special in that it's large enough for one to attend satisfyingly huge events think 2-day, team tournaments at Sunnybrook Parkbut close-knit enough for those serendipitous connections to happen.

Two league options East and West will be available dependent on field availability. In order to enforce these stipulations, we rely heavily on the honour system and on our team captains.

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The season will last up to 16 weeks 15 gamesending on the Thursday before Labour Day Weekend August TUC will do our best to locate games in those areas, with Yonge Street acting as the general dividing line between East and West.

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