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Further Reading. If you have a voicemail service for that number, take the time to record a personalised greeting. Double-check your CV, use the spell check and then proofread it. Keep it brief, punchy and positive.

how to write a cv for undergraduate students

References — It is no longer appropriate to include references within your CV. Use the information from the job description and person specification to identify the skills and expertise you need to focus on to create a strong CV.

Keep formatting clean and appropriate to the role and make sure your contact details are correct. Make sure you demonstrate that you understand the requirements of the job and that you meet those requirements. Hobbies and Interests Your CV should paint a picture of you as a person and your hobbies and interests can provide an insight into your personality.

If you had budgetary responsibility, mention the size of the budget. This is your opportunity to sell yourself in your own words. This can work well as long as they are professional; for example, a Twitter account where you regularly tweet on professional subjects.

Clearly explain how you meet the requirements of the role while demonstrating your enthusiasm for the opportunity.

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