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Thus saving must equal investment. After the last of the summer showers in May the new leaves of koliari Bauhinia purpurea become a part of the menu in most homes.

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These factors should help in the recovery of domestic growth momentum. Similarly investment is determined not only by rate of interest but by the marginal efficiency of capital.

This, in fact, led to the Great Depression. This early rain, however, is intermittent and does not become fierce and incessant till about April.

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Thus, flexibility of real wage rate ensures full employment. When there is a cut in the money wage, the real wage is also reduced to the same extent which reduces unemployment and ultimately brings full employment in the economy. Unemployment results from rigidity in the wage structure and state interference in the working of the free market economy.

The shoots of various bamboos and about thirty species of fish from the streams and the rice fields are the other treats. Long-Run Analysis: The classical economists provided long-run analysis. Then there is a painting that shows a lady being coaxed to come indoors by her maid while the rest of the scene remains by and large the same as described above.

Lack of automatic adjustments Keynes and other critics argued that the economy is not always self-regulating. Walker not only made an indelible mark in Indian monsoon research, but also changed the way meteorology was practiced.

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Thus the classical theory of employment is unrealistic and is incapable of solving the present day economic problems of the capitalist world. While rain making by drums and horns and cymbals is not exceptional to the subcontinent, the extraordinary poetic meanings invested in the season are certainly special. At the full employment level, ON, the corresponding full employment output is OY. Some of the most cherished miniature paintings in the Ragmala series and Rasleela series have rain as the motif. Instead, there is serious advocacy of expensive and environmentally disastrous ideas like interlinking rivers, which was even advocated by a former President and a former Prime Minister. Indeed, pilgrims had been the largest contingent of fellow travellers since Govindghat falls on the Rishikesh-Joshimath-Badrinath route. But Walker changed this. The reference to the scent of the earth in the verse brings us to another link to the monsoon and the persistence of the monsoon in popular memory. Coupled with failure of monsoon they resulted in widespread starvation and large number of deaths. If the quantity of money increases, the MV curve will shift to the right as M1V curve. An early 19th century French Economist, J. According to the classicists, what is not spent is automatically invested. According to Pigou, the tendency of the economic system is to automatically provide full employment in the labour market when the demand and supply of labour are equal. This year too we come across the usual guesses, based on statistics.
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The Classical Theory of Employment: Assumption and Criticism