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The Twilight Saga, as her series of four books came to be known, tells the story—fraught with danger, suspense, and searing passion—of teenager Bella Swan and her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen.

She then concluded the Twilight Saga with Breaking Dawn ; film part 1,part 2,the publication of which was commemorated by bookstores across the United States with vampire-themed parties held before the title went on sale at midnight.

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The Chemist will be her first attempt since then to build a new imaginary world. While both the last instalment of the Twilight saga and The Host were published inin recent years Meyer has published a number of novels derived from the Twilight universe.

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Why did Stephenie Meyer think this book was a good idea? I just couldn't read anymore of them. Contact the author at mark. I read them all in less than a week," writes another. And that is my major problem, is what she did to vampires, took the most badassed monsters and turned them into watered down, sissified versions of what came before. This is what happens when you play with fire, Stephenie Meyer! Don't dismiss the YA crowd. Stephenie Meyer basically wrote a glorified fan-fiction of her own book. In her hands, the setting becomes the ideal atmosphere for a vampire novel: dark, foggy, wooded, and a little unpredictable. How does Meyers pull that off? Within the first few pages, the sexism flares and drips from the pages. Even fans are outraged. Not that there aren't critical responses, too, but she's doing something really, really well. But in noting places where the writing or the pacing slackens, we learn important lessons about writing.

The Chemist represents a pivot for Meyer towards adult fiction, as this book will be her first to feature an adult protagonist. And despite the fact that Meyer said that the gender-swapped version of the book was supposed to combat gender stereotypes, she appears to be enforcing them. The writing is full of descriptions of Forks and the Pacific Northwest.

And who hasn't experienced frustrated love?

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And who hasn't experienced frustrated love? The books became a pop-culture phenomenon, selling in excess of a hundred million copies worldwide and inspiring film adaptations starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Inspired by a dream, Meyer completed the manuscript for her first book, Twilight ; film , in three months. And movies! By Ginny Wiehardt Updated April 16, Though critical responses to her writing may be mixed, Stephenie Meyer has built the kind of devoted fan base other writers only dream of. Her books depend on suspense and romantic tension to keep readers engaged. Even fans are outraged. I won't use your name, I'll just say something like, "a good writer friend of mine said The Chemist represents a pivot for Meyer towards adult fiction, as this book will be her first to feature an adult protagonist. Share via Email Stephenie Meyer will publish a new novel, her first since not set in the Twilight universe, on 15 November.
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